"Periwinkle Pops"

"Periwinkle Pops" started life as three inch periwinkle plant flowering on 4th of July, at the pool party celebrations.

 I was leaving the pool and literally did a double take as I backtracked to admire a tiny flower that was bursting with colour.

 I stared at it in fascination, in awe, that something so little could exude such vibrance.

 I wanted to capture that magic and wonder as a painting.

 The next step was how to translate that little flower to a 78" cashmere scarf for my client Miss Debra who immediately wanted the little beauty as her own. I tried and tried and tried and could not find a way to expand  one little flower that that was three inches tall into 78 ".

   My weavers told me it was impossible.  I reluctantly called Miss Debra and offered an apology. She was adamant, " I want my "Periwinkle Pops scarf!"  At this point I was so emotional. She believed that I could find a way to create this beautiful scarf. She believed it more than I did.  She told me that she would pray for me to find a way to make this scarf.   That was two years ago.   Miss Debra was the first woman on this Earth to own the cashmere scarf and matching statement bag in " Periwinkle Pops."   She wears it proudly and even sent photos of her wearing them in the governor's office.

 I am pleased to announce, finally, two years later, the launch of " Periwinkle Pops" .

  Enjoy this beauty all year ' round. A pop of colour in Winter, and a splash of colour in Spring and Summer. 

  We look forward to seeing your photos of you wearing your " Periwinkle Pops".