Britches  Shoebags
Britches  Shoebags

Lady Barbara Pinson Artist

Britches Shoebags

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Finally your shoes can travel in style. Function meets stylish elegance! Function: keeps your shoes in perfect condition, while allowing your other suitcase contents to remain clean. Perfect for travel, brides, dancers, organizing your shoe closet, gifts. A sensational, newly patented tote to cary or pack your shoes in style. Lined, constructed in luxury fabrics ideal for branding, customizing, and for your personal style. Unique two-part compartments tote provides protection for  both you and your shoes. Drawstring closure. Made in the USA.

Fun fabrications. One of a kind. Available in Ladies, Gentlemen, Baby, and Jewelry.

We can customize for organizations, teams, etc.

Luxury Fabrications are also available: Suede, Leather, Lace,Fur. for a higher point.