Tartan Re-Imagined

It all started with Menzies Family Tartan. I painted it as " Menzies Tartan Re-imagined" in my impressionistic style. It looked amazing!

Then, I created tartan in other colours. Try our collection for yourself!

This "Tartan Re-Imagined" Collection is a fundraiser for Castle Menzies Castle Restoration. We donate from each sale of tartan towards restoring Castle Menzies, Weem Scotland.

What Makes Cashmere Fabric Special?

Cashmere fabric is an exceptionally soft type of wool made from the hair of particular cashmere goats. It is typically highly valued as a luxury fabric.

What Seasons Are Ideal for Wearing Cashmere?

Because it is lightweight and breathable yet still wool, cashmere is ideal for any season. It regulates temperature well and its moisture-wicking properties make it good for summer while its ability to conserve body heat also makes it ideal for winter.