French Lavender Sachets
French Lavender Sachets

Lady Barbara Pinson Artist

French Lavender Sachets

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A Perfect Add On Gift!

Always A Good Gift! 

Beautifully presented French Lavender Sachets 💜. 

3"x4 " organza Lavender Sachets filled with fragrant French Lavender,  tied with a lavender satin ribbon.

Add to a package as decoration.  CHRISTMAS Stocking Stuffer.  🎄 

Anytime gift to relieve stress. Place in the car ( the sun warms the Lavender flowers to.wrap you in tranquility and Joy!).

Add to a lingerie drawer,  hang from a closet hanger,  tuck in your pillow case, give to anyone with stress for their pocket, add to a handbag, and so many other uses! 

Buy several as delightful little gifts. 

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