"Heavenly Host" - Mini Scarf 22" x 22"

Lady Barbara Pinson Artist

"Heavenly Host" - Mini Scarf 22" x 22"

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Wearable Art Mini Scarf

Created from the original artwork of Lady Barbara Pinson Artist.

Sytlish with our Statement Bag and our Clutch . 

 Silk Wearable Art  Mini-scarf.  22 x 22"

Perfect for ladies as every day elegance for handbag, wrist, neck or head scarf.

Whether you wear it around your neck or wrist, in your hair or to accessorize your favorite handbag, this luxurious bandana is as versatile as it is timeless. Available in 100% Silk.

  • Materials: 100% Silk

  • Dimensions: 22" × 22" Square 

  • Handmade in the USA
  • Hemmed
  • Care: Dry Clean Only

  • Custom Made In USA

  • Social Impact Scottish Rite Children's Hospital USA